Loneliness clouded my enthusiasm as I looked at the sprinting trees from my car window.

This was a big day for me, but excitement was a far cry as I was away from my family and friends on this special occasion. And then suddenly my phone beeped, interrupting my train of thoughts. “Happy Birthday Madam. Have a great day!!!”, the message on my screen read and the next thing I remember is being applauded for my work at that conference hall. Small things are the harbinger of great changes and this was that one thing for me today. I was extremely thankful to that message, hence I decided to see where it came from and discovered that it was from a Biller restaurant I visited last week.

Although it was a promotional message, but I dedicate my amazing presentation at the conference to it. As I was scrolling down that message, the business enthusiast inside me awakened and after two minutes I found myself looking at the campaigns of Biller- ‘a Restaurant-utility based Company’. They broadly classified this initiative into Continuous Campaigns and Periodic Campaigns. ‘Everyone loves to be wished on their special days, be it their anniversary or birthday’, Biller says and hence automates the sending of best wishes (as they sent to me) from the restaurant team along with an offer so that the customers come and celebrate their special day with the restaurant. The ‘3rd Meal Campaign’ announces heavy discounts to the customers who visit the restaurant the third time in the month.
The market says that if you give a special offer to anyone, they would rush to grab it.

The Periodic Campaigns of Biller target specific customers based on their number of visits and rewards them with special coupons to avail offers. For any business the customers are the centre of their universe and it is essential to note their behaviour. For the customers who take a long time to revisit any particular restaurants, Biller proffers a facility for restaurant owners to win these customers back by providing them a gift or a discount offer. The tool also rewards the loyal customers of the restaurant with free gifts.To break the monotonous routine of food serving at the restaurants, Biller suggests the organisation of a ‘Special Week’ to the restaurants where a certain week is dedicated to a certain cuisine offering something fresh and exotic to the customers.

I must agree that these are some innovative strategies to make the customers visit your restaurant more frequently. Campaigns are an important aspect of Customer Relationship Management and has the potential to turn your business inside out by engaging your customers effectively. A simple message made my day - that is what that happens when promotions appeal to your emotions. Now, I am returning back home to take my friends for a treat, yeah, at Biller.

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