Change is inevitable but progress is optional.

After seeing my father working in his restaurant for 15 years, it was finally time for me to takeover his restaurant business. The restaurant has managed to give our family a decent lifestyle for years but I believe that it was high time for us to change. I decided to expand our business and hence started looking out for opportunities, that’s when I saw Biller.

Biller is a restaurant-utility based company and out of numerous features that it offers, I found Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as the most essential one. After a meticulous research on CRM, I realised that its proper application can take our business to new heights. I am considering to revamp my business by following the CRM principles and employing CRM techniques to establish healthy relations with my customers. In today’s world the most successful businesses are those which unlock the reams of customer data and use it strategically. Biller enables the restaurant owners to keep a record of customer visits and habits. By determining the frequency of a customer’s visit, the owners can find the details of their regular and lost customers. Conclusively, the restaurants can obtain a 360° view of customers and prospects with Biller.

To maximise profits, one needs to be responsive to the customers’ needs. Biller assists its associated restaurants to better understand their customers and conduct specific campaigns for them. Expansion of a business involves attracting new customers and winning new clients. The exciting gift offers and special discounts services rendered by Biller supports the former purpose as they help to target the prospective customers and enhance sales. Another feature that keeps the customers hooked up to your restaurant would be awarding of points on every visit. These points can be redeemed in future to avail discounts at that restaurant. It is widely said that one cannot change the direction of wind but can adjust the sails to reach the destination. Going with the fast-blowing wind of digitisation, Biller puts forth the idea of digitalised menu, computerized tablewise orders and Whatsapp bills making things convenient for the customers as well as the restaurant holders like me.

One stone wasn’t enough to fetch water for the thirsty crow but multiple were. No wonder, caring for a single customer can not change everything, but if one persistently keep on caring for all of them then they can finally build a strong customer community. CRM is not a widely used technique but it possesses the potential to add another dimension to a business. Let's hope that with CRM and Biller, I’ll will take my restaurant to new heights and make my father’s dream come true.

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