1. Go Social

Social is the new need of the hour. Online presence is just as crucial task. Visual Content attracts hungry eyes. Post drooling pictures of food, post live videos from the kitchen and show your social media presence.

2.  Run Contests

Run contests on your social media and more to engage with prospective clients and give them anything complimentary to create excitement in their minds and get mouth publicity.

3. Reach out to Food Bloggers & Influencers

Food bloggers and Influencers have a wide reach and thus can be reached out for free and paid promotions. Consider offering a free meal or appetizer for reviews or posts on social media.

4. Create and Run a Customer Loyalty Program

Create a customer loyalty program to make them visit again and again. Retaining existing customers is easier and more profitable than acquiring new customers.

5. Monitor Review sites

Work on reviews given for your restaurant. Try to improvise. Don’t let a bad experience make you lose a customer. Request them for another chance, offer them a complimentary dish or drink.

6. Event Sponsorships

Sponsoring an event can help you attract local people which are the most important to tap as they are most likely to visit your restaurant more frequently.

7. Host Workshops or themed-events

In order to attract footfall, organising an interesting workshop can be eye-catching. For instance, organising a salad making workshop or coffee tasting session, hosting a pre-festival party can make your restaurant highlight.

8. Participate in food festivals

Food Festivals Prove to be a great opportunity to engage with your target clients. When people will try your delicacies and happen to like them, mouth publicity will follow.

9. Geo-Targeted Ads

Targeting Ads to people in and around your particular geographical location can help you save money and increase footfall from nearby your restaurant.

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