Cooking is more than just a job for me, it resides in my nerves.

To follow my passion for cooking I left my engineering career and now I have been working as a chef for 5 years in one of the top restaurants of Jaipur. Though my cooking skills are often appreciated by the people but one can always see an opportunity to improve, and that’s where feedback comes into play. In the recent years, I have seen a significant rise in the trend of taking feedbacks. But many-a-times they are not as fruitful as they should be.

Be it positive or negative, an effective feedback is the key to improvement. In most of the cases, the customers are asked to give star ratings on the basis of their experience at the restaurants and are allowed to give comments. These ratings are not very useful as it is difficult to decide which factors were taken into account by the customer to rate the restaurant. Let’s say, poor customer service in a restaurant may affect the overall ratings but one may assume that it was due to the quality of food served. This ambiguity in ratings somewhere destroys the true essence of feedbacks. But yesterday our restaurant was visited by a team from a ‘Restaurant utility based company’- Biller who introduced us to some of their business strategies. Out of many beneficial features they offered, the one I found most exciting was their modified review system.

Biller has renovated the current system of taking reviews, making it actually helpful. Biller allows the customers to rate every aspect of their experience at the restaurant, supporting an easier and better analysis. Customers can individually rate the food items, staff services and the ambiance of the restaurant. As a chef, exclusive rating for each food item is a quite interesting feature for me. The total rating for the restaurant is calculated by the cumulation of all the individual ratings making it entirely unbiased to the restaurant. Along with separate ratings, customers can also share their thoughts via comments.  With the power to express their opinion, Biller also awards points to the customers in return of the precious time they spent in filling the feedback forms. These points can be redeemed in future to claim discounts or unlock coupons.

Feedback paves the path to excellence. Though cooking is my passion but perfection is still a distant dream. An honest feedback enables me and the restaurant team to improve our services for the customers. To fulfill this purpose the restaurant team has decided to collaborate with Biller. Looking forward to an amazing experience!

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