Half of the class fell asleep as I told them that Research has found a 50% increase in customer profits when customer retention is increased by 5%. These were the facts I was explaining to my class after one of my students gave a presentation on Biller - ‘A restaurant utility-based company’.

After his presentation, even I developed a slight interest in that startup and decided to explore further. Later on when I visited their website, one of the major feature that grasped my attention was CRM- Customer Relationship Management.

In technical words, Customer relationship management (CRM) is described as an approach to manage a company's interaction with customers by analysing their history with a company to improve business relationships with customers. You may be surprised but the concept is not as boring as it sounds. As per Jeff Bezos, every business is a party where the customers are the guests and its owners the host. And for the party to be successful, it needs to be enjoyed by its guests. So the customers are the ultimate kings for any business and at Biller, they treat you so. The strategies of Biller are extremely customer friendly and possess the capacity to build a wide Restaurant-customer community with a strong foundation.

I have a very bad habit of getting rid of the bills, and the same gets me into a very bad position with my wife. Only if the restaurants could use something like Biller, and save me the effort of tearing and disposing of the bills. I really am in support of the idea of sending bills through whatsapp, as it would make it much easier for people like me to keep a track of their spendings. Special discounts and gift-offers available at big enterprises attract us a lot, but visiting such places happens only once in a blue moon. Biller somehow has turned the tables, as such offers would no longer remain a ‘jewel’ for us, it would even be available at the middle-class restaurants. Another fact that makes Biller amiable is their ‘Point-redemption Service’ that awards points to the customers which can be redeemed afterward to avail discounts or unlock coupons. This is a big relief for me coupled with the food-wise Feedback system which grants me the powers to express my opinion on the quality of food and services offered at the restaurants.

According to Tony Hsieh, “Customer service should not be a department, but the entire company.” Although CRM is a technique that helps businessmen increase their profits but its customer-centric culture ultimately benefits the customers. Biller with its perceptive strategies helps the restaurants employ innovative measures to acquire customer trust and loyalty. So next time you look for an appetizing meal at modest expenses, try a Biller.

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