“Biller: A treat for the Restaurants”, read my computer screen as I browsed through the website of a ‘Restaurant utility based company’. It claimed to be a package that would be the ultimate solution to every restaurant owner’s problems.

I am Harsh by the way, a 22 years old coder one may say. It’s quite amazing to spot so many startups coming up with innovative and never-occurring ideas. Mr. Rastogi couldn’t have been more right in asking us to look out for such emerging startups and to prepare a presentation on them, and I chose ‘Biller’.

So this project gave me the opportunity to explore the intricacies of a startup named ‘Biller’ working towards optimization of services of the restaurants. It is a B2B2C company which primarily deals with the restaurants and thereby serves their customers as well. As they say “We serve by making you serve better”, Biller is a platform that aims to improve their restaurants so as to better suit the customer’s needs. While going through their website I got to know that by offering facilities like analysing restaurant menus, examining effects of price hikes on profits, boosting customer relations and launching systematic campaigns, Biller provides restaurant owners with all the feasible and beneficial modifications for their business growth.
In today's times where digitisation has proliferated itself to cover almost every business under the sun, we still see our restaurants working with the traditional paper menus. To modify this primitive way of serving customers, Biller has brought the brand new idea of digital food menus at restaurants that not only helps to analyze the contents of the menu but also helps to keep a track of customer routines. As said customer data is a vital currency to collect, so another key feature of Biller is Customer-relation management, where this startup assists in building a rapport between restaurants and its customers by providing their owners an insight into the customer habits. Mr. Rastogi says that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all and Biller runs various campaigns announcing special offers and gifts to attract the customers. I extremely liked the fact that Biller awards points to the customers which can be redeemed afterward to avail discounts or unlock coupons. According to stats, nearly one-third of the food produced in the world is wasted, in an attempt to avoid this wastage Biller ensures proper maintenance of inventory by analysing menu which limits the use of ingredients. I believe these features may prove to be extremely useful to the middle-class restaurants who are far away from availing these services. Other important components of Biller’s strategy include Computerised Tablewise Orders, Whatsapp Bills and Review, Bill Analysis, Algorithmic Segmenting and active feedback system.

In my opinion, Biller has the potential to build a strong Restaurant-Customer Community. With its customer-friendly operations, Biller bridges the gap between the masses and the restaurants. It benefits customers by its various attractive offers, its points-redemption service and the whatsapp bills which help customers keep a track on their spendings. These innovative measures also promote digitisation, which consequently eliminates the use of paper, hence saving trees and the environment. I am truly impressed by Biller and hope that it wins accolades from the masses as it won an A+ for me.

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