Opened a restaurant recently? Want to customize it with a particular theme? Few of the questions an owner faces while setting up a restaurant. Here are few of the tips you should keep in mind while designing your restaurant.

1. Theme your Restaurants and Cafes

Themed Cafe and restaurants tend to attract more and more customers today, as the trends and attachment to the things they love to make them happy and living their dreams. A place like jaipur which is a hub for college students who love the present era of TV shows and Movies. Theming your cafes attracts this hub in a great amount. “Friends Cafe” in Kolkata surely make any F.R.I.E.N.D.S lover live the show again.

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2. Ambience and Atmosphere of Restaurant

Create an ambience around your theme, dressing the staff to that particular theme plays a crucial role. A couple planning a date would definitely prefer a fine dining place. Design your place keeping customers interest in mind. “Chokhi Dhani” in Jaipur is quite famous for its Rajasthani culture and atmosphere.

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3. Naming your Restaurant

Make a list of names for your fast food restaurants that creates an interest in the minds of different customers. Impressive catchy names and ideas for your business, even for the small food stalls increases customer satisfaction. “Platform 1094” in Singapore is a sure place to visit. A potterhead will surely have this restaurant in his/her list of favourites.

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4. Designing your Menu

Understand your theme and design your food and drinks menu around that particular theme. It creates a sense of interest in the minds of customers as well as customers get opportunities to try different food from the menu. “Vampire Cafe” in Tokyo has filled its menu with vampire-themed treats.

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5. Unique ideas and thoughts

Experimenting new unique ideas to enhance the dining experience of customers.. A cafe based on PubG or Rooftop restaurant with some music is more likely to attract the customers. Having a Sudoku, Board games with you menu involves your customers while they wait for the order.“Jaipur Adda”, of all the Pink City rooftop places, this is a place you cannot afford to miss if you wish the see the nightlife culture of the city.

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