1.Know your customers

You May know some of your customers but knowing each one of them and understanding what they want, is crucial to motivating them to return again. Knowing why your customers come to your restaurant, what they think about your business and what their purchase behavior is, will increase the foot traffic and engagement. Also, retaining your customers is very important, Increasing customer retention by 5% can lead to increase in profits by 25%-95%.

2.Do more targeted local Promotions

Create promotions targeted towards specific group of customers in your immediate geographic location. Look at the map and draw a 5,10 or 15 mile radius around your restaurant. These are the people who are going to visit your restaurant most frequently. If a college is within 15-mile radius of your location, you could offer a student discount or get aligned with their events for promotion. If there is a new apartment building being built, contact the building manager and offer them a discount for the new tenants.

3.Host compelling events

Keep an eye on city’s famous blogs and gather local promotion ideas. Monitor nearby events, little leagues and social clubs. Whether you are partnering up with an organization or creating your own event, building a relationship with your own community will increase foot traffic by bringing new customers in.

4.Get control of your online listings

According to Pew Research Data, the web is the go-to place for people looking for information about restaurants. It’s no surprise that many online services have built a web presence to gather these listings.Restaurants should be sure they have a web presence on the following online listing sites: Google,Facebook, Instagram, Zomato, Trip Adviser, Nearbuy etc. Become a social media pro. Use videos on Facebook and Instagram. Share stories regularly and have meaningful interactions with your target clients. The more the likes and comments, the more it will show up on people’s feeds. Take professional photographs of your food and use better hashtags which are trending.

5.Have a Good staff.

Any level of Marketing is less, if the customers don’t vibe with your services.To make sure you create a good working environment is to ensure your staff is loyal to you by being loyal to your them. Make sure they feel valued and encouraged time to time. Having a positive staff can leave an impact on customers, get them comfortable and increase the footfall.

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