1. Go Vegan

Plant-based eating is gaining traction among 80% of the diners across the world who don’t identify to be vegans but are attracted to the health and environmental benefits. People are becoming more aware of what they’re putting in their bodies. Vegan substitutes like Aquafaba, pea milk, Nutritional yeast, tempeh, cashew cheese are hitting the internet with their amazing taste and being low-carb foods. This trend ain’t going fad.

2. Eat All you can Breakfast places

It’s no wonder that Breakfasts and Brunch are getting popular, especially in urban areas. Busy lifestyles, increased importance of healthy breakfasts and work schedules have made this culture popular. Breakfast options like pancakes, omelettes, bruschettas, fruit mix, cookies, mini versions of fast foods and breakfast platters are what people liking mostly.

3. Buddha Bowls and Smoothie Bowls

This food is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also versatile and damned tasty. These are also known by the names Macro Bowls or Hippie Bowls. Basically, Buddha Bowls are colourful, filling dishes in a bowl with lots of nuts, seeds, greens and protein. While Smoothie bowls consist of Smoothie in a bowl with fruits, nuts and seeds.

4. Food with Activated Charcoal

This Instagram worthy food trend is popping up everywhere and in everything. From basic black bun burgers to black crust pizzas to black soft serve ice-creams. People have been mentioning it’s health benefits and claiming it to be a detox tool and that it cleanses our liver and kidneys.

5. Homegrown herbs and Veggies

Similar to the “Home Made” and “Home Baked” food trends, this one is, even more, healthier which is bringing the garden to restaurants. People are enjoying pesticide free and clean vegetables grown by their chefs. Packaged foods and Dried herbs are just long gone and unappreciated for our own good.

6. Freakshakes

What we definitely drooled over this summer were massive, monstrous and yummy shakes. These are not just plain milkshakes but a combination of shakes and numerous desserts as toppings. This is a mouth-drooling shake with high-calories one cannot ignore but they have been welcomed well.

7. Crazy Fusion

Some days ago, while scrolling down my Instagram I witnessed the craziest fusion I’d ever seen i.e. Red Velvet golgappas. I don’t know how will they taste like but they definitely were inviting. Crazy fusions dishes covered restaurant menus like Sushi Burgers, Noodle Sandwich, Waffle Tacos, Mac n cheese Waffles, Donut Cupcakes,  Poutine Pizza, etc.

8. Street Food has found a place in high-end restaurants

Concerned about golgappas being unhygienic? Not anymore, high-end restaurants are now satiating all our unhealthy food cravings, giving them a healthy touch. Street food connects with the culture of the place and is high in demand.

9. Ice cream rolls

We witness some beautiful bouquet like ice cream rolls, interestingly made on live ice pans with fresh fruits, cream and crazy toppings. These taste just like our traditional ice creams but are freshly made on order then and there. Ice creams roll parlours are high in demand and run all year long.

10. Selficcino

Coffee with our pictures on it, commonly named as selficcino. These look great for surprises. After the famous and successful, photo cakes, selficcino has gained its popularity in many cafes.

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