The Biller

Description: We believe there is a better way to manage restaurants. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are earned. We're very passionate about it and we're excited to help our clients/restaurant owners achieve their goals. We believe in individualism i.e. with the help of our My Biller Store a customer can buy applications which are suitable according to their business needs.


Nimir Tiwari

Founder & CEO

“In my previous company Innov8, a top management senior had a restaurant chain. He faced difficulties in managing all the restaurants he owned. It was a tedious task to manage the operation and other parameters of all the restaurants. This made me ponder further and I realised that restaurants of all scale are struggling on the same level to manage their business. A few months went by in researching about the companies working for the same and what they're lacking. Biller started with a small idea but we're now expanding into different domains.”

Our ultimate mission is to make Biller a trademark of 'Zero wastage' by going Paperless and To be the Technology Partner for its clients.


How we Started

Biller started off with a small idea of creating an app to fetch restaurant bills digitally and With time, the idea expanded to counter other problems faced by the restaurant managers and the customers. Over the span of time, ideas bricked up to from a strong structure named Biller. Biller now provides its clients with a management console that keeps a track of everything in their restaurant an the go.


Who we Are

In literary terms, 'Biller' is a person who processes bills. As the Billers of the society, we have transformed the very form of bills at the restaurant with our exclusive idea of digital bills supporting the enviromental intiative 'Go Paperless'. Biller believes in creating a enviroment-friendly and customer-friendly atmosphere at the restaurants.